Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magic Launch Party

Yesterday was the launch party for the M 10 core set. Everyone was nice as usual, and I got a good card pool with good black, white, and blue, which I built a black-blue deck from. This deck got me in 13th out of 19. One card, called Safe Passage had artwork that caught my eye:

Now replace the fire with water and the army with poor middle eastern people. In case you havent noticed, this is a classic scene from passover, a Jewish holiday. Being that my cousin, William, is having his Bar-Mitzvah, I made a Jewish themed deck, here's the list:

25 plains

1 guirdian seraph, representing moses

2 serra angels, representing the passover angel

1 mesa enchantress, representing mariam

1 wall of faith, representing the last standing wall of the temple of solomon, the western wall

3 safe passages, representing the crossing of the red sea

1 path to exile, because moses was unable to enter the holy land, thus, in a way, exiled

1 mark of asylum, representing gods unceacing protection

4 pacifisms

4 gleam of resistances

4 asha's favors

4 valient guards

2 griffin sentinal

1 holy strength

1 indestructibility

1 strormfront pegasus

1 veteran swordsmith

1 veteran armorsmith

1 silvercoat lion

1 elite vanguard

This deck was even playable and its defences lasted so long I lost using this deck becuase I drew all of my 60 cards even though I still had some life left

To see these cards, simply go to, then click on magic: the gathering, then click gatherer and type the name of the card you are looking for

So, until next time, William, have a great Bar-Mitzvah and 13th birthday

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