Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Silver is GREAT!!!

Tonight was awsome! My fencing classes tourney was today, and I came in second place. Initially, I ranked fifth and beat fourth place (RJ). Then I beat Maia, ranked first, getting me the spot in the finals against Bill. I lost against Bill, but just getting in the finals garuntees silver. But best of all, I had a great time.
By the way I want to sell these fifteen yu-gi-oh cards and the value was $127.70!!!!

By the sabre, the bow, and the sword


Permission to Mother said...

Congratulations Zachary. That's a very nice photo of you.

Orlando Realtor said...

We'll take Silver!

That's great Zack. It is so nice to do something that you have fun with and do well.

I am proud of you.